Nurse Teaching on Structure of the Brain

Nurse educated the patient and caregiver on the structure of the brain as follows:

  1. The brain is one of the largest, most complex organs in the human body, and is contained in the head, closely protected by the bones of the skull.
  2. Brain is the central organ of the nervous system and together with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system.
  3. Brain is broadly divided into cerebrum or the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and brainstem, each part performing different functions and put together contribute to the normal function of the brain.
  4. Cerebrum is the big dome-shaped part of the brain, occupying major part of the space in the skull. Cerebrum is divided into many lobes and controls sensory activity, motor activity, thoughts, and behavior.
  5. Cerebellum is a smaller part of the brain, located below the cerebrum and contributes to maintain balance & posture.
  6. Brainstem is the posterior and inferior part of the brain controlling the basic involuntary body functions, such as, heart rate, respirations, blood pressure control, and consciousness. At the base of brain, brainstem is continuous with the spinal cord.