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Key Advantages

Our customized templates for assessment narrative and  nurse teachings cover a wide range of topics as applicable for the patient population and compatible with requirements of visit documentation.

Nursing staff can incorporate these templates and nurse teaching instructions into their notes to provide documentation regarding patient’s health status and any instructions/education provided to the patient during each visit, thus creating a better quality and meaningful note. The better quality notes also help with easier charting.

Also, Good patient education always helps to improve and manage patient’s health better and reduce hospitalizations and ER visits.

Nurse Teachings and Assessment Summary can be easily incorporated into skilled nursing visit note created on any home health care EHR software by a simple copy and paste function.

We offer nurse teachings covering a wide range of health conditions, medications and medication groups. We update and add new teachings periodically.

Providing quality patient education is an important part of skilled nursing in home healthcare. Our nurse teachings written in simple and easy to understand language and can be used to educate patients about their health condition including lifestyle management measures, risk factors, complications, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology of the condition as well as about their medications such as side effects, contraindications, precautions, mechanism of action and therapeutic uses.

With the help of our patient teachings, nurses can easily deliver and help patients reach the goals set in plan of care.

Our assessment templates, are developed by qualified registered nurses working in the home health industry.