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Side Effects of Using Escitalopram

Side Effects of Using Escitalopram General allergic reactions                                  Escitalopram use can result in general allergic reactions, such as, skin rashes, hives, and itching. Some patients can present with symptoms of severe allergic and anaphylactic response with escitalopram, such as, difficulty breathing, swelling of face, lips, throat, and tongue, with consequent difficulty breathing. Seek emergency medical help for such findings, especially with difficulty breathing, for any appropriate measures to be considered. Vision changes Escitalopram use can [...]


Inflammation Pathophysiology of Inflammation Inflammation is the response of any living tissue to injury. Acute inflammation comprises of all the reactions that occur in the injured tissue within first few minutes to an hour of encountering an injury. This is caused by many immune and hormonal responses that result in the release of various mediators of inflammation. The release of mediators of inflammation will result in migration of many inflammatory cells to the site of [...]