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Nurse Teachings on Management Measures for Prostate Cancer

Nurse Teachings on Management Measure for Prostate Cancer Nurse educated the patient and caregiver on management measures for prostate cancer as follows: Management measure for prostate cancer which essentially depend upon various factors, such as, the type of cancer, how rapid the cancer is growing, extent of involvement, sites of cancer spread, individual’s age, other coexisting health conditions, and many others. Some of the common measures include: Periodical evaluation: Low grade prostate cancers that are [...]

Completing Home Health Nursing Notes Efficiently

How home health nurses can complete the home health visit optimally During a home health visit, be it an assessment or weekly visit, a home health nurse is required to do certain processes such as taking patient's vital readings, making note of any medication changes, upcoming doctor visit etc. During the home health visit, nurses are expected to do an all round evaluation of the patient's health status. We have a list of recommendations for home [...]