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Management Measure for Prostate Cancer

Management Measure for Prostate Cancer Management measure for prostate cancer which essentially depend upon various factors, such as, the type of cancer, how rapid the cancer is growing, extent of involvement, sites of cancer spread, individual’s age, other coexisting health conditions, and many others. Periodical evaluation: Low grade prostate cancers that are confined to a small portion of prostate and are asymptomatic could never be actively treated. Periodical evaluation with ultrasound, MRI, and biopsy, as [...]

How home health nurses can complete home health visit optimally

How home health nurses can complete the home health visit optimally During a home health visit, be it an assessment or weekly visit, a home health nurse is required to do certain processes such as taking patient's vital readings, making note of any medication changes, upcoming doctor visit etc. During the home health visit, nurses are expected to do an all round evaluation of the patient's health status. We have a list of recommendations for home [...]

Contraindications For Using Feosol

Contraindications For Using Feosol Do not take Feosol, if you ever manifested any allergic responses to intake of the feosol. In the event of history of an allergic response with feosol or any preparations containing iron, check with your physician regarding your safety with intake of Feosol. Phenylalanineis an amino acid used by your body to build  Deficiency of enzymes needed to metabolize phenylalanine in your body can result in a metabolic disorder called phenylketonuria. [...]

Risk Factors or Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

Risk Factors or Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic kidney disease could result from chronic exposure to risk factors such as, Poorly controlled hypertension Poorly managed diabetes Hyperlipidemia or dyslipidemia Severe heart failure Poorly managed arrhythmias Health conditions involving chronic inflammation of the kidneys & associated structures, such as, lupus and glomerulonephritis Overuse or abuse of NSAID drugs like naproxen, aspirin, indomethacin, ibuprofen, and diclofenac Hereditary conditions of the kidney affecting the kidney structure, such [...]