How to Help Someone Having a Seizure Episode

Helping Individuals During Seizure Episode Compromised awareness, increased motor activity with jerky body movements can contribute to hitting of sensitive body parts, such as, head, against hard surfaces. This can result in head injuries, and accidents. Exercise caution with cushioning the patient’s head on all sides using a rolled blanket or towel, to prevent any [...]

Head Injury

Pathophysiology of head injury in seniors Head injuries can be broadly classified into closed and open. Closed head injuries are more common in general. A closed head injury is any injury in which the skull remains intact, such as, a bruise or a small bump. An open head injury is a severe injury in which [...]

Fluid Requirements

Essentials of fluid management Water is a vital component of all body fluids, both intracellular and extracellular and makes about 60% of human body. Optimum fluid levels are needed for maintaining vital body functions. About 2.5 liters of fluid is needed every day, for an average adult, to maintain the metabolic demands of the body. [...]


Pathophysiology of Gout Purines in the diet (part of proteins we eat) are metabolized to uric acid. Uric acid thus produced in the body is soluble in water and is ultimately excreted in the urine. Gout is a metabolic disorder of uric acid, secondary to excessive blood levels of uric acid. Excessive blood levels of [...]

About Home Health Patient Education

Why did I make this website? I have been working in the home health industry for the last 7 years. During this period, I worked for Medicare-based agencies and agencies that accept only private insurance. Documentation for private insurance patients is easier and less time-consuming, owing to the fact that answering the long OASIS document [...]