Patient was instructed regarding practicing dissociation technique for pain management as follows:

  1. Select a comfortable place, as you need some isolation with calm and quiet environment, so as to practice the technique.
  2. Make yourself comfortable by either sitting down or lying flat.
  3. Start doing slow and deep breathing and focus on the rise of chest and abdomen during the inspiratory phase of the breathing.
  4. Hold the breath for 3 seconds at the end of inspiration.
  5. Perform slow and prolonged expiration and focus on the fall of chest and abdomen during the expiratory phase of the breathing.
  6. Continue to practice slow and deep breathing, while practicing the technique of dissociation.
  7. Train your mind to separate the source and feeling of pain from the rest of the body, with the rest of body migrating away from the separated body part.
  8. When the source of pain is detached, obviously the pain caused by that particular body part also is detached from the body and so is the experience of pain and discomfort from that particular body part.
  9. Since mindful separation from the experience of pain through dissociation could be difficult when the pain level is high, start practicing dissociation technique when the pain level is manageable and gradually move on to practicing it with high pain levels, as you gain more control on practicing the technique.