Patient was instructed regarding dissociation/detachment technique for pain management as follows:

  1. Dissociation is a technique of pain management, using which you train your mind to separate from the source and feeling of pain.
  2. The mind and the experience of pain, which are usually connected, are separated using dissociation.
  3. This separation of the source of pain from the mind and rest of the body leads to detachment and distance from the experience of pain.
  4. In this technique, for example, one trains the mind to imagine that the hurting knee or back stays in the same place and the rest of the body migrates away.
  5. When the source of pain is detached, obviously the pain caused by that particular body part also is detached from the body and so is the experience of pain and discomfort from that particular body part.
  6. Dissociation requires some practice, and it often helps to stay in a quiet, secluded area with little distraction to maintain focus during early attempts.