Patient was educated on Nephrotic syndrome as follows:

  1. Glomeruli are the small blood vessels in the kidneys that filter excess fluid and wastes from the blood.
  2. Usually protein are bigger molecules and so, cannot pass through the glomeruli, to be filtered out.
  3. Proteins in the blood usually draw extra water from the body into the blood stream. This extra water in the blood stream can be eliminated by the kidneys into the urine.
  4. Nephrotic syndrome is a condition of the kidney in which the glomeruli are damaged.
  5. As the glomeruli are damaged, bigger molecules of protein are filtered out by the glomeruli, into the urine and all this protein is excreted.
  6. As the protein content in the blood decreases, the capacity to draw extra water from the body into the blood stream also decreases. So, less fluid is eliminated by the kidneys and more of it is retained in the body, resulting in edema.