Patient was educated on measures to prevent development of pulmonary embolism as follows:

  1. Regular exercising the lower extremities can prevent stagnation of blood in the lower extremities, which is a major contributor towards formation of DVT and PE.
  2. In situations of prolonged bedbound status, ask your doctor about recommendation for use of sequential compression device on your legs. These devices wrapped around the legs like sleeves and their alternative inflation and deflation with air can mimic effect of ambulation and prevent slowing of circulation with stagnation of blood in the BLE, thus preventing development of clots in the deep veins.
  3. Discuss with your doctor regarding your option of having an IVC filter. This is a filter placed in the inferior vena cava, the large vein in the BLE that brings blood return from the BLE to the heart. The filter prevents the clots formed in the lower extremities from reaching the lungs.
  4. Maintain compliance with the anticlotting and anticoagulant agents, such as, heparin and warfarin, if you are prescribed any. Compliance with the medications along with weekly labs drawn, to determine the chance for bleed or clot formation, can help with adjusting the dose of anticoagulant accordingly.