OASIS-E Training for Home Health

OASIS training for home health nurses and other clinicians who collect OASIS data is available @ Home Health OASIS Education (https://www.homehealthoasiseducation.com)

The OASIS training is based on the newest OASIS E form. In this training, you will learn

  • how to answer the OASIS questions correctly
  • how to elicit patient information from patient and/or caregivers
  • how to build OASIS narrative in support of patient assessment for SOC, ROC, Recert and Discharge and weekly visit notes documentation for quality assurance
  • what patient education can be provided based on patient’s health conditions
  • what information to be captured on the OASIS assessments and weekly visit notes so that other nursing staff in the agency can easily follow up on the patient care

The subscription includes access to everyone on the agency so that you don’t need to actively arrange OASIS training when the existing staff leaves and new staff joins which is a very frequent occurrence in home health industry. The  home health nurses can access the training anywhere and anytime. This is an extremely useful training resource to onboard new staff and also can be used as  a refresher course for exiting staff.

This training can also be used for educating other home health clinicians who collect OASIS data such as – physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist.

We also offer free trial. Sign up today!