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  • 7200 nurse teachings including 450 medications and 170 health topics
  • OASIS templates for SOC, ROC, Recertification, 60 Day Summary, Wound Care and Discharge
  • Member of Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice 
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  • Nurse teachings available for 450 medications and 170 health topics
  • Easy to add to skilled nursing notes as well as educate patients/caregivers
  • Generate consistent and detailed OASIS nursing assessment summary quickly
  • Easy to copy and paste into any EHR software making nurse charting a lot easier.

” The OASIS templates have made creating assesment paperwork very easy. I now just click through the templates and have a nice , long essay ready just to paste into my EHR note.”

Lori M., RN

” I like that the patient teachings are  in-depth and easy to understand. I can teach my patients about their health status and medications more effectively.”

Danielle S., RN

” Our entire agency uses nurse teachings and OASIS templates. It has improved nursing documentation. We sometimes request new teachings and Jay is very promt in getting those added to the site. ”

Samantha J., RN, DON