Patient/caregiver was instructed on measures to manage thirst in patients with dialysis as follows:

  1. Limit salt content in your food. Avoid eating chips and frozen foods, which have lots of salt added. High salt in the food will make the individual feel thirsty and can increase fluid intake.
  2. Maintain your environment in the house at cool temperature. Elevated temperatures can make the individual feel more hot and thirsty.
  3. Sip on small ice cubes to control the thirst. This helps to prevent dry mouth and manage thirst better.
  4. Use mouthwash regularly to prevent dry mouth.
  5. Sucking on a hard candy, lemon drops, or lime can reduce the thirst and thereby, need for fluid intake.
  6. Managing other comorbidities, such as, diabetes is very important to manage thirst and fluid intake.
  7. Be aware of fluid that is part of food items, such as, gelatin, fruits, and soup. Any frozen food items that can turn liquid at room temperatures, such as, ice cream is also counted as fluid. While counting the daily fluid intake, one should consider all such food items.