Patient/caregiver was instructed upon indications for synthroid use as follows:

  1. Synthroid is usually prescribed as a supplement in individuals with underactive thyroid gland, producing low levels of natural thyroid hormone, thyroxine.
  2. Underactive thyroid gland could be due to various reasons, as follows:
  3. Thyroid gland normally produces thyroxine in response to a hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), produced in the brain. Low levels of TSH secreted from the brain can result in poor stimulation of thyroid gland and consequently, can lead to less thyroid hormone production.
  4. Thyroid gland could be damaged in individuals with history of any radiation to the neck and consequently result in less thyroid hormone production.
  5. Thyroid gland could be partially or totally removed in individuals with history of tumor in the thyroid gland. Partial or total lack of thyroid gland can result in deficient or total absence of thyroid hormone production.
  6. In all these conditions, synthroid is needed as a hormone replacement, to maintain body metabolism and vital organ functioning.