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Home Health Patient Education on Measures to Prevent Exacerbation of Hypertension

Measures to Prevent Exacerbation of Hypertension Nurse educated the patient and caregiver on measures to prevent exacerbation of hypertension as below: Observe compliance with log maintenance of everyday blood pressure and heart rate readings. Report to your physician regarding any consistent systolic readings below 90 and above 160. Report consistent diastolic readings below 60 and above 90. Report any consistent heart rate readings below 55 and above 100. Observe compliance with all cardiac medications, as [...]

Home Health Patient Teaching on Signs and Symptoms of Hypertension

Signs and Symptoms of Hypertension Patient/caregiver was educated on signs and symptoms of hypertension as below: Vision problems: Progressive damage to blood vessels in the retina, due to unresolved elevated blood pressure, can result in retinal bleeding, compromised blood supply to the retinal tissue, and retinal damage, thus affecting the visual function. This can lead to diminishing vision and in severe cases, even result in complete vision loss and blindness. Chest pain: Chronic unresolved elevated [...]